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EMC testing

Are you still worried about how EMC products pass EMC testing? Do you want to find a professional, fast service platform that can help you get the test report for your product through EMC test as soon as possible? Huatongwei provides a series of technical support services from PCB Layout, circuit parameter calculation, component specification selection to system integration, to provide reliable guarantee for your products to pass EMC EMC requirements.

Our advantage
All the EMC Labs that Huatongwei has built are equipped with cutting-edge EMC instruments from international R&S, Swiss EMTEST and American AR, which provide powerful hardware support to ensure the accuracy of test results.
At present, the laboratory has a 10-meter standard semi-anechoic chamber, a 3/5-meter standard semi-anechoic chamber, 4 test shielding rooms, 2 sets of electromagnetic disturbance test system, 2 sets of electromagnetic immunity test system, 1 set. The wireless communication equipment test system, a set of audio and video equipment immunity test system, and other sets of test equipment can provide customers with one-stop EMC test services.

our service
ü EMC single test site rental service;
ü EMI, EMS, RF testing, report issuance;
ü Product certification service, obtained certification from national certification bodies;
ü EMC countermeasures rectification service
ü EMC consulting, coaching and training for product design
ü National standards, regulatory advice and training

EMC test range
ü Surge immunity
ü Conducted disturbance immunity
ü Voltage drop
ü Ringing wave
ü Harmonic and intermediate harmonic testing
ü DC drop
ü Harmonic current
ü Voltage flashing
ü Power Harmonic / Flicker Interference Test
ü SAR test
ü ......

Laboratory testing capability

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