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Applicable Products

Which products need china srrc type approval?

Radio communications, navigation, positioning, direction finding, radar, remote control, telemetry, broadcasting, television and other devices that emit radio waves (not including industrial, scientific research, medical equipment, electrical transportation systems, high-voltage power lines and other electrical appliances that can radiate electromagnetic waves ) Device, etc.);
Fixed communication equipment, public network mobile communication equipment, short-range (low-power) transmission equipment, special mobile communication equipment, broadcast transmission equipment, aviation communication, navigation equipment, radar equipment, maritime communication, navigation equipment, satellite communication equipment.


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What are the China srrc type approval test items?

The main test items of SRRC certification are: power, spectrum range, frequency tolerance, occupied bandwidth, spurious radiation, carrier frequency tolerance, etc.

What are the China SRRC type approval standards?

SRRC certification test standards have different test labels according to different test items of the product. The main standards are Xinbuwu[2002] No. 353; Xinbuwu[2002] No. 277; Xinbu[2005] No. 423; Gongxinwuhan[ 2009] No. 137; YD / T 1214-2006; YD / T 1215-2006, etc.


Application materials for China srrc type approval:

1 General information

(1) Application form;

(2) Power of attorney;

(3) Letter of Commitment;

2 Company information

(1) Business license (annual inspection cannot expire)

(2) ISO certificate or company profile and company capability description;

3 technical information

(1) The number of prototypes depends on different products. Some prototypes need to lead out RF lines and radio frequency ports or SMA ports;

(2) Product specifications, circuit diagrams, manuals, block diagrams, operating instructions;

(3) Antenna gain, color photo of EUT (six-sided picture of the product), nameplate (must include each interface and each side);

(4) Frequency channel comparison table (if multiple working channels need to be provided);

(5) Fixed frequency software, test attenuation instructions, Bluetooth/Wifi test steps;

(6) Channel list, WAPI key components list, WAPI support channel description;

How long is the application period for China SRRC type approval:

The "Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate" is valid for 5 years, but the enterprise needs to renew the certificate 90 days in advance. Remind the enterprise to know the expiration time of the certificate in advance and prepare for the renewal of the certificate.

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